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Lee Ann Ward
Your Writing Away Refuge Founder & Host

Lee Ann Ward is a USA Today Bestselling Author and the former Senior Editor of Champagne Books. She's taught her workshop on Novel Plotting through Storyboarding at writers' conferences across the country. She brings her expertise in the literary world to you with the premier of Writing Away Refuge, a one-of-a-kind writing conference that brings writers, editors, and agents together in an intimate setting that offers workshops, first chapter consults, private pitch sessions, and the serenity to write and network in a cozy home environment. Continuing the legacy of the late Cicily Janus, the original trailblazer and brainchild of the Writing Away experience, Lee Ann has re-invented Cicily's vision, keeping to her passion and principle that writers should be nourished in mind, soul, career, and body through intimate connections in the literary world and not the mundane, cookie-cutter conference scene. Writing Away Refuge is that vision.

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