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Writing Away Refuge Virtual Pitch Retreat over Zoom. Schedule for March 2-3, 2024

"I wanted to take a moment and offer you my most sincere thanks. I signed with Katie Reed today. Your support made all the difference. This organization has been such a blessing in my life."  --Cherisa Jerez, Writing Away Member who pitched Katie Reed at our Writing Away Weekend Virtual Retreat in January 2023.

(Please note that all times are Central Standard TimeCST)


Saturday, March 2nd Schedule (Central Standard Time)


8:50 AM (CST)- Sign-in


9:00 AM-10:15 AM—Research Strategies for Fiction Writing—Carrie Dalby


10:15 AM-10:30 AM (Break)


10:30 AM-11:30 AM—Conquering "Sagging Middle Syndrome" in Your Book—Lee Ann Ward


11:30 AM—11:45 AM–(Break)


11:45 AM—12:45 PM—Practice Pitching for attendees (writers with pitch sessions today should pitch first. There will also be practice pitches tomorrow.)


12:45 PM—12:50 PM—Prize Drawings / Wrap-up


1:00 PM—4:00 PM (CST)—Individual pitch sessions with Maggie Sadler

1:00 PM—4:00 PM (CST)—Individual Pitches with Sera Rivers


4:15 PM—7:15 PM (CST)—Individual Pitches with Shannon Snow

5:00 PM—7:05 PM (CST)—Individual Pitches with Ali Lake

7:30 PM—9:00 PM (CST) WAR PARTY with author Cherisa Jerez



Sunday. March 3rd Schedule (Central Standard Time)


8:50 AM—Sign-in (CST)


9:00 AM-10:15 AM—How to Think Like a Marketer—Brandie June


10:15 AM—10:30 AM—(Break)


10:30 AM-11:30 AM—Pacing Your Story—Allison Hong Merrill


11:30 AM—11:40 AM—Break


11:40 AM—12:40 PM—Practice Pitches for folks with Sunday Pitches

12:40 PM—12:45 PM—Wrap-up


1:00 PM—4:00 PM (CST)—Individual Pitches with Mark Gottlieb

4:15 PM—7:15 PM (CST)—Individual Pitches with Ali Lake

4:30 PM—6:45 PM (CST)—Individual Pitches with Maggie Sadler

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