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How to Write a GOOD Book
12-Week Book-Writing Course

"We can teach you how to write a winning query letter and how to pitch your manuscript to perfection. We provide you with a plethora of literary agents for exposure, but without a good book to show the world, it means nothing." 

My name is Lee Ann Ward and I'm a USA TODAY bestselling author, former Senior Editor of Champagne Books, and the Founder of Writing Away Refuge. I'm so excited to launch my 12-week book-writing course over Zoom. This course is different from most. We're going to discuss the mechanics of writing, sure. But the true focus of these classes will be writing a GOOD book that can actually sell. And I'll be writing a book right along with you over the 12 weeks to demonstrate that these techniques can, and will, produce a quality book. You can take a manuscript you've already written and improve it with this course, or you can start from scratch. This course is for fiction and non-fiction writers alike and was created with our current members in mind (although all writers are welcome). We already teach you how to pitch your work, we get you in front of dozens of literary agents, now let's make your book stand out.

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How to Write a GOOD Book / 12-Week Book-Writing Course

This session will run from January 10th--April 3rd (we'll take one week off in late March). The classes will be once a week on Wednesday evenings with makeup classes on Sunday afternoons for those who prefer the weekend. You'll receive written materials each Monday to use as a guide/follow-up during your weekly class. The cost is $100 per month ($25 per 2-hour class) and can be paid monthly. The initial $100 is due at registration, and the last 2 payments are due February 1st and March 1st. (Those wishing to pay in full at registration will receive a $50 discount and will enjoy the entire course for $250). Registration and pay links are at the bottom of the page. **These classes are limited to 30 writers, so register ASAP to ensure your spot**




Schedule and Course Description:

**IMPORTANT: Do keep in mind that our class times are in the Central Time Zone (CST)

(All Wednesday evening classes are 7:30 PM--9:30 PM Central Time (CST) and

all Sunday afternoon optional classes are 2:30 PM--4:30 PM Central Time (CST)

WEEK 1: Wed., January 10th or Sunday, January 14th--How Proper Planning Builds a Kickass Book (Why POV Matters, Every Book a Hook, No story without a storyboard)


WEEK 2: Wed., January 17th or Sunday, January 21st--Creating Unforgettable Characters (No element of a book is more important than meaty characters, Main characters must have heart and show it, Six characteristics of Epic Villains, Writing Unforgettable Supporting Characters)

Week3: Wed., January 24th or Sunday, January 28th--The 4 Parts of Effective Storytelling that will Put Your Book Over the Top (The Art of Showing vs. Telling, With Your Own Eyes Visualize, Why Using all Your Senses in Your Story is a Must)

Week 4: Wed., January 31st or Sunday, Feb. 4th--10 Ways to Write a Killer Plot (5 Ways to Improve Your Plot, It's Big So Go Bigger)

Week 5: Wed., February 7th or Sunday, Feb., 11th--Conflict is Crucial (Plotting the Conflict, Why Conflict is Essential to any Good Book)

Week 6: Wed., February 14th or Sunday, Feb., 18th--Sagging Middle Syndrome has Nothing to do with Middle Age, Eliminate that Droopy Middle, Keeping Your Book Jam-packed Throughout

Week 7: Wed., February 21st or Sunday. Feb., 25th--30 Ways to Make a Scene, Why Place Matters, How to Make the Most of Every Scene

Week 8: Wed., February 28th or Friday Evening March 1st (Friday because of the Writing Away Refuge Virtual Pitch Retreat on Sunday)--

Finding Inspiration in Unusual (and Common) Places; How Objects, Music, and Language Trigger Memories and Why these Triggers are Important in Your Story

Week 9: Wed., March 6th or Sunday, March 10th--"Flesh it Out, Flesh it Out, Way Out!"--No Pom Poms Required. The Mechanics of Writing and Why They Matter, When to Follow and When to Hang the Rules.

Week 10: Wed., March 13th or Friday evening March 15th (because of our "Spring Break to Write Like Crazy")--How to Write the Killer Climax, The True Dénouement, What if My Book is a Series?

Taking the Week of March 20th Off for "Spring Break to Write Like Crazy"

Week 11: Wed., March 27th or Sunday March 31st--Why Revising is Writers' Gold, All Writing is Rewriting, The True Value of Self-Editing

Week 12: Wed., April 3rd or Sunday, April 7th--Wrap Up Week, 5 Tips to Identify Your Target Audience, What Happens After I Type the Word "The End?" The Search for the Right Agent, Questions, Questions, Questions!


The full price for the 12-Week Course is $300. To Register at the monthly rate of $100 in 3 monthly payments for the January 10th--April 3rd "How to Write a GOOD Book" Course, click the link below. $100 is due upon registration, and the remaining balance is due on the 1st of February and the 1st of March. A confirmation email will be sent within 24 hours of registration. Be sure to check your spam folder as well.



**If you'd prefer to pay for the entire course in one payment, you'll receive a $50 discount**

Full payment for "How to Write a GOOD Book" at discounted rate of $250: 

Questions about the classes?

We're always here if you have any questions. Email is the best point of contact, but you may call if you prefer.


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